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We Are Danvers

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

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Promotional Recognition
- Business or organization LOGO displayed on We Are Danvers.
- Business or organization listed in We Are Danvers business directory.
- Publicize promotions, offers and coupons on We Are Danvers.
- Ten contests branded with YOUR business or organization.
          - Your choice of raffle or scratch to win contests.
          - Contests are branded with your logo and colors.
          - Contests run for 5 days.
          - Contests are advertised on social media & on We Are Danvers.
          - We Are Danvers manages the contests for you & mails the *prizes to winner.
          - Emails will be provided to you at the conclusion of the contests & on request.

Social Media
- Add your events to the We Are Danvers community calendar.
- Eight social media advertisements per year. (2 per quarter)

Bonus Gift
- We Are Danvers t-shirt.

* Prizes are provided by sponsor. Gift cards valued at $25 or more are suggested. If your  business does not offer gift cards, you can purchase from local business or provide another gift of equal or more value.

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